Thursday, October 9, 2008

We survived a trip with 2 kids!

It was hardly vacation or anything for my husband and me, but we made it back from our trip to San Francisco to attend my cousin's wedding. Piglet did a great job as a flower girl. Her mama, however, forgot to take a single photo of her. What was I thinking? She looked really beautiful.

Piglet's fave thing whenever we go on vacation? Staying in the hotel room. Whenever we get out to do anything, she says "let's go back to the hotel!" She particularly liked staying at the Westin because of their body pillows with which she made herself into a hot dog.

They get my vote too. I love their beds, truly heavenly. Did you know they have Heavenly Cribs too? Our little one didn't get to experience it but we may have to go back to try it some time. But Piglet got her "I-must-jump-on-the-hotel-bed" fix. Many times over. I really like this shot of her.

After the wedding, we drove down to Monterey and Carmel with my sister for a few days. Carmel-by-the-sea is one of my favorite towns. Everything is still as lovely as I remember it. I think one day I want to go there by myself. Piglet had fun at the aquarium and playing with her auntie at the beach.

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poppyseed's mommy said...

Hey Janet...
I tried calling you the other day, but I am not sure if I have the right phone number. me your contact info. Do you have my email address???