Saturday, January 17, 2009

first "quilt"

I have not given up on my blog. Oh how time flies when you have a toddler and a baby...

Piglet came home the other day from school with a "patchwork quilt" made from construction paper squares glued together. It didn't make it to the keepers box [yes, I throw away my kid's artwork] but did give me an idea.

We made this Valentines "quilt" for daddy while he's been working out of town this week. I cut up fabric scraps into little squares with my pinking shears, stuck rows of double-sided taped on a plain paper, and then Piglet got to work. A few minutes later, her first "quilt" was done. She was so proud. So easy and pretty to look at. You can do this with other color combinations.

Oh, I'm not a Valentines day person but I'm sure there's a lot more Valentines crafts coming. Only because I do love pinks and reds and because I think it's a fun "holiday" for kids. In fact, I'm thinking about making her a real quilt based on this for V-day. A small one, of course.

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